Mableton Community Information

Just minutes from downtown Atlanta in Mableton is Sweetwater Creek, a peaceful tract of wilderness surrounded by wooded trails that follow the free flowing stream past the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, once a textile mill, destroyed during the Civil War. Beyond the mill, the trail reaches the rocky bluffs where visitors can catch spectacular views. The 215-acre George Sparks Reservoir is popular for fishing and provides a serene backdrop for canoeing or feeding ducks. An onsite bait shop and visitor center is also provided for all who are interested.

The historic museum which was once home to author Joel Chandler Harris who wrote tales of Br?er Rabbit and Br?er Fox was sold to the Uncle Remus Memorial Association in 1913 and has been open to visitors ever since. Wren?s Nest is an 1870?s farmhouse with a Queen Anne style Victorian façade added in 1884. Visitors to the museum will be taken on a 30 minute tour exposing them to various Uncle Remus memorabilia including a stuffed great horned owl (a gift from Teddy Roosevelt), signed first editions of major authors of his day (Mark Twain and others) and the original wren?s nest mailbox which coined the name Wren?s Nest due to the family of wrens that once lived inside. The tour also includes a 30-minute slide presentation about Harris? life. A visit to this historic place will be a joy for all ages.

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